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It's already approaching Mid Jan !!!

With the festive period now but a distant memory it's hard to believe we are now approaching Mid January already!!

Before Christmas we made a start on the extension of our Showroom and this is picking up speed with just the ceiling to be finished now before we start to work on painting and wallpapering. If things continue to go to plan we should be open by April.

Over the Christmas Period I was sent a few photos of projects that we completed on before the end of 2017 and we have now uploaded these on to our website under the Bespoke page so feel free to have a look at these to give you some ideas of what we can produce. (Photo with my post is of a Boxed Seat we produced for a client recently).

This week has seen another real focus on our marketing side in the office and has lead to a few tweaks on the website along with plans for this year and beyond all very exciting and even more so considering up until 6 months ago we hadn't undertaken any serious marketing for over 15 years, some of our customers of old will remember our historic website and vouch for how better our new website which even includes a mobile friendly site, how modern of us !!

Remember to keep up-to-date with all of our project just simply give us a follow on either Instagram or Facebook.

Thanks & Happy New Year (if it's still ok to say that given its the 12th Jan 2018)

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