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Factory Sale & Christmas Approaching !

So after the busy build up to the open day to launch the factory sale, the day came and went very quickly mainly down to the number of victors we had come through the doors. If you have seen our facebook post who will see that we welcomed Lord Polstead and with the recent news about one of our Military Desks being in the Royal Collection we seem to be not only designing but making furniture for some very well known clients.

This week our factory sale continues online through our Website and also all of our social media platforms. We have a wide selection of pieces some from our traditional ranges and also some from our new Rustic Oak Range.

We now turn a lot of our focus on making orders for our retailers in time for their customers to be in receipt of their orders before Christmas. A number of homes will see their owners settling down to the festive lunch served on a new Dining Table this year and we have a been busy making a wide selection of tables to fullfill everubodyes tastes. A sample of which can be found on our Instagram page so feel free to go and have a look at these and if you would like to discuss a similar design don't forget to contact us.

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