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Bespoke Designs

On this page you will find a range of our bespoke designs all of which have been not only designed by in-house Design Team but all of which have then been handcrafted by our skilled craftsman's within our English Based factory.  Working with you and your idea we can create an array of beautiful furniture for any room.  To discuss any ideas or requirements you may have click here.

All of our furniture is handmade starting with the initial design & therefore we can create totally individual pieces matching anything you desire.  We have recently produced bespoke designs for an exclusive Tea Shop Tea in Sweden, a fully fitted Bespoke Bedroom & Dressing Room for a London Address and a 5 meter solid oak Dining Table for a Stately Home in Scotland. 

It's not just the Design that can be Bespoke we offer a range of finishes of which we are able to provide you with samples of on request.

With a over 65 years experience & trading behind us, we have built up a wide and varied library of both basic & unique designs in our design studio archive. 


With such experience & expertise we can create a piece to meet all of your requirements.  Contact our Managing Director & Furniture Designer in person to arrange a consultation or to discuss briefly your ideas.  

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