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A table isn't just for Christmas

With our factory sale all over and the build up to the Christmas Rush under control I now have the chance to update our blog.

Over the past few weeks we have been playing around with a few new designs and finishes trying to cater for all of our customers tastes and requirements. In the New Year we will be releasing some of the se designs and they will also be on display within two new clients shops. We look forward to working with you both Avoda Stein & Kenneth Edwards Interiors.

The Christmas rush effect every business and for us in particular this time of year see's a lot of orders for Dining Tables. Now unlike some of the dining tables available in high street retailers we take pride that our dining tables are not just for Christmas but for years and in some cases the entire life of our clients. With an array of designs and finishes all of our Dining Tables are handcrafted with the love and care that is all around us this time of year. If you want to view a range of what we do have a look through our website or contact me in person for a totally bespoke design.

Right as always on a Friday afternoon it is back to the drawing board for me as I work on a design for another new client. Enjoy the weekend.

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